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This story is not one that I consider to be "finished." It is complete and has been edited for spelling and grammar, but I also think it has some structural issues and maybe some plotting issues that probably should be fixed, if I knew how and had the drive to do so. That said, I gave up on this story months ago and no longer want this sitting around collecting dust, so I'm posting it.

Pegasus Galaxy University Courselist 2004-2009 or How Rodney McKay Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Atlantis

rating: pg

Summary: Carter finds enough of the larger chunks to confirm Ancient technology and a Pegasus style Stargate and all they can bring back to Earth is a report that says Atlantis is lost and a short note from Carter about how Rodney McKay never did anything by halves.

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CM- Reid thinking

My Heart Under My Feet

Title: My Heart Under My Feet
Rating: R
Warnings: character death, violence, language and sexual situations
Characters/pairing: Elle, Reid
Spoilers: none
Words: 6,066
Summary: The team is dead and Elle and Reid are on the run, trying to stop each other from killing. AU sometime mid-season 4

Notes: Many thanks to bessemerprocess who let me take this idea and run, even after she had already written it. This story was prompted by the last section of her wonderful Five Ways Spencer Reid Falls Down. Though you don't have to read it first, as this story was written to stand alone, you should anyway.

Many thanks also to oroburos69 who did a fantastic job as beta, and to a couple offline friends who talked me through the hard scenes.

The title is from either T.S Eliot's The Wasteland or Sylvia Plath's Last Words, depending on which one you like better.

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eleven is my doctor

It's Who Day again

Oh my god, this episode. I'm seeing a lackluster response to it, but it's a character piece, which guarantees love from me. Which, unsurprising if you've read my writing :p.

I'm actually having a hard time putting my words in order, so we're going with bullet points.

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